My Work

Photo of Jon Robins for MY WORK

Jon Robins in his studio, 2013

In my artwork I try to reflect my own personal view of the world around me and my connection & relationship with it whilst allowing myself  to be instinctive and spontaneous. Embedded deep in my work is the contrast and tension between freedom and control.

My interests in 20th century modernist art, graphic art & design and a love of landscapes all strongly influence my work. Impressionist landscape painting techniques are a constant influence and reference point in all my paintings.

For my sculptural and three dimensional works I like to search out interesting objects and materials which inspire a distinct creative image, a thought, a mood or an emotion. By taking objects that already exist in their own right and combining and reforming them with other materials I seek to produce a new sculptural form.

The different shapes, surfaces, textures and colours suggest to me a strong image which I can then use as a starting point to create an individual piece. A range of ideas formulate and a series of  works evolve, each one developing in its own particular way whilst still keeping the initial concept firmly in mind.

With paintings and wall hangings I aim to create in a similar way developing themes, styles and motifs in a series of work.

One piece invariably leads to the next, although when working on any item, it can sometimes lead me in an unexpected direction which allows me to fully express myself in the finished work.